Most Common Q & A about Faucets

  • Problem: Water leaks from underneath the handle?

Solution: Replace the cartridge

  • Problem: Soap pump will not pump any soap?

Solution: Replace the soap pump

  • Problem: The water pressure from the spout is low but the sprayer works fine?

Solution: First remove aerator and check for obstructions or dirt- if water pressure is still low (Second) replace the diverter

  • Problem: Trigger continues to fall off the sprayer?

Solution: Replace the sprayer

  • Problem: Water is not getting hot enough?

Solution: Adjust or Remove the limiter to allow the most hot water to pass through

  • Problem: Water continuously pours or drips out of the spout?

Solution: Check or Replace the cartridge

  • Problem: Water is leaking around the spout?

Solution: Replace the rubber “O” Rings

  • Problem: Can pipes be installed in the Tub/shower valve body?

Solution: Yes, They can be threaded or sweated into the valve body

  • Problem: If handles do not turn in the same direction or water shuts off from handles in the opposite direction?

Solution: Cartridge is in wrong or in the case of an 8” spread, the handles are installed on the wrong side.                    

  • Problem: If water is leaking from the main spout and sprayer?

Solution: Replace the diverter

  • Problem: When water is on and is set between cold and hot the pipes vibrates or knocks on a Tub/Shower unit?

Solution: The cartridge body needs to be replaced

  • Problem: Water will not shut off?

Solution: Check to see if cartridge(s) are installed correctly. (You must seat cartridge properly into valve)

  • Problem: Is IPT sink product Prop 65 compliant?

Solution: IPT sink continuously evaluates and ensures our products comply with all state and federal regulations, including Proposition 65.  Where required, IPT sink provides necessary warnings. More information can be found at