Most Common Q & A about Faucets

  • Problem: Water leaks from underneath the handle?

Solution: Replace the cartridge

  • Problem: Soap pump will not pump any soap?

Solution: Replace the soap pump

  • Problem: The water pressure from the spout is low but the sprayer works fine?

Solution: First remove aerator and check for obstructions or dirt- if water pressure is still low (Second) replace the diverter

  • Problem: Trigger continues to fall off the sprayer?

Solution: Replace the sprayer

  • Problem: Water is not getting hot enough?

Solution: Adjust or Remove the limiter to allow the most hot water to pass through

  • Problem: Water continuously pours or drips out of the spout?

Solution: Check or Replace the cartridge

  • Problem: Water is leaking around the spout?

Solution: Replace the rubber “O” Rings

  • Problem: Can pipes be installed in the Tub/shower valve body?

Solution: Yes, They can be threaded or sweated into the valve body

  • Problem: If handles do not turn in the same direction or water shuts off from handles in the opposite direction?

Solution: Cartridge is in wrong or in the case of an 8” spread, the handles are installed on the wrong side.                    

  • Problem: If water is leaking from the main spout and sprayer?

Solution: Replace the diverter

  • Problem: When water is on and is set between cold and hot the pipes vibrates or knocks on a Tub/Shower unit?

Solution: The cartridge body needs to be replaced

  • Problem: Water will not shut off?

Solution: Check to see if cartridge(s) are installed correctly. (You must seat cartridge properly into valve)